Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?

Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?

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Staying healthy is an important thing that every child and adult knows they have to do. But sometimes when we wake up late and are late for work or maybe feel like munching on a donut first thing in the day, staying healthy indeed seems to be a distant and far off thing. When in school, a child is taught well about all the reasons for him to stay healthy. But, by the time he grows up, there is a greater chance that they’ll be forgetting all about it and indulging gladly in the unhealthy lifestyle. Why? The unhealthy lifestyle is easier to follow and more lucrative, that’s why!

But as a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child eats healthy to stay healthy and grows up to be a fit person. Yes, we all know this too. But, given all the circumstances and the busy lifestyle how do we ensure a healthy lifestyle for our child? That is the question that most parents ask.

Well, to be blatantly honest, it is a tough job to do. Just as tough as raising your child to grow up to be a good human being. But the habits that are inculcated in the childhood itself stay when the child grows old. If your child has a habit of maintaining a proper routine, eating timely, maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly and doing just the right things, there are higher chances that he will retain these habits even when he turns thirty or forty or fifty.

Now you know, why it is important to urge your child to stay healthy right from the childhood itself.

Why Is It Important For A Child To Stay Healthy?

All this being said, there are also quite a few other reasons that makes it important for a child and also every grown up stay healthy. What reasons are these? Let us find out.

Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?
Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?

Stay Healthy To Live Longer

It cannot be emphasized enough that staying healthy is directly proportional to living longer. Although all of us know it, we somehow can never get ourselves to do the things that are necessary to live a healthy life. Not until the time when we are old and weak and are spending all our retirement fund money on expensive medicines. Trust me, it is a bad way to live and a bad way to die too.

So, why not develop healthy habits right from our younger years rather than becoming extremely fragile when we turn old? If you eat well, exercise daily and go to the physician’s regularly, there are high chances that you will have easier old years than most others do.

Furthermore, staying healthy does not mean you cannot eat junk food or consume alcohol. You can in fact do both and stay healthy at the same time! How? By eating junk food or drinking alcohol occasionally and in limited amount.

To Have A Thriving Life

While most of us only survive our lives, the real fun rather lies in thriving and not just surviving. So, how can your child have this thriving life? By inculcating all the healthy habits right from his younger years! When you tend to maintain a proper lifestyle and do all the things in order to maintain it, you tend to stay rather fit and strong. That too, for a longer time than most others. This way when you have enough money to splurge on luxurious holidays or adventurous trips you can actually do that and even enjoy it to the fullest. Most people cannot, despite having the time and money. Do you know why? Because they are not fit enough to do these things. They could have done it in their younger days, but back then they neither had the time nor the money.

Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?
Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?

To Have More Energy To Do Everything You Wish To Do

Children are often found to lack in energy. They play around all day, they attend their classes, they study at school and at home and then they get tired to do any other thing. Lack of energy can lead to a growing disinterest towards everything that is happening. They might lag behind in their academics, they might get tired in the playground, they might feel bored to even mingle with their friends! If such things happen, your child will automatically feel remorseful and depressed.

So, how can you make sure that your child stays energetic all through the day? Make them practice yoga, go out on a small walk or a small run with them, cycle around the neighborhood with them. Doing these things not only makes them feel more energetic, but it also clears out their mind and helps them relieve themselves of stress.

Avoid Any Disease Or Illness

Just like staying healthy is directly related to living a longer life, it is also directly related to living an ailment-free life. When you eat the right foods in the right amounts, when you exercise daily to keep yourself fit and when you get regular health check ups done, you can easily stay ahead of all kinds of diseases and illnesses.

A healthy diet can free your body of different kinds of toxins. This helps you in staying fit, staying active and also directly affects your concentration levels. Thus when all of it is on point, there is nothing stopping the children from doing exceedingly well in their academics! This is also a major reason why doctors ask especially students to eat and stay healthy.

Staying Healthy Empowers You And Gives Boosts Your Confidence

Remember how you felt after acing the sports day at school? Or maybe after scoring the highest marks in the class? Want to keep feeling that good all your life? We know just how you can do it! By staying healthy.

So, in simpler words here is what happens – when you stay healthy, you perform well in various sectors of life. This makes you feel good and empowered. When you feel good, you look good and thus you have confidence in yourself.

Voila! Could life be any better and easier than this?

Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?
Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?

Gives You Better Mental Health

Want your children to have sanity in their lives when they grow up? Teach them to lead a healthy lifestyle! As already mentioned umpteen times, health is directly related to everything that we do in our lives. It is also highly related to our mental health. When you have a good lifestyle and you do all the right things, you can also have a sane mind. Thus, when you stay healthy your have better mental health. And what happens when you have a nice mental health? You can think clearly, you can make the correct decisions, you can perform well in your academics and your at your job, you can even get creative and earn a name for yourself (along with lots of money, that is)!

Having a well-functioning mental health also helps you avoid depression. As we all know, depression is like a black hole and it is extremely difficult to come out of it. So, if you never want your child to wander anywhere near this black hole, promote the importance of having a sane mental health. Besides this, when you are all fit and fine, you can save on loads of money. Just say that to your children. Given the times, they will easily understand what it means.

The best way to maintain your mental health is by meditating and by practicing yoga. It frees your mind of all ill thoughts effectively and helps you maintain your peace and calm.

Staying Healthy Helps You Look Better

Oh, come on! In the current times, you does not want to look better than the person standing behind them? And this who even includes a five year old child, yes! Gone are the days when children would be covered in mud and would not raise an eyebrow for having done the same. Every kid nowadays knows how to look better.

The best, easiest and the cheapest way to do this is by staying healthy. When your body is free of all bad things and you are leading a healthy life, the goodness shows on your face. Not only does your skin shine, but you also manage to stay in shape for years! So, if you want to look good and charming and attractive, it is imperative that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How Can You Teach Your Kids To Stay Healthy?

Unlike what many people think, staying healthy can only be a matter of keeping in check a few things. So, what are these things that you need to look on to make sure that your child stays healthy? Read along!

Washing Their Hands At Regular Intervals

Hands are indeed the most common cause of children falling sick often. They do not have the sense of what to touch and what not to touch. Thus they end up touching anything and everything and then they touch their mouth. So, the germs easily enter their mouth and make them sick. But when your children wash their hands frequently, the germs do not end up going into their body and as a result they do not fall sick so easily.

Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?
Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?

Keep The Kids Home When They Are Sick

Children tend to fall sick to often and it is a very common thing that we can see. While there are many factors causing this sickness, it can also just be a lack of discipline. When the kids go out to play with their friends, they mix with a lot of other people. You never know what they are doing or what other illnesses they have. But when the child falls sick and even then goes out and mixes with his friends, you are not only letting your child’s health degenerate, but you are also curbing the good health of other children. So, when your child is sick, keep him at home to maintain his safety as well as that of others’.

Offer Them Healthy Snacks And Meals

Yes, kids can be very arrogant sometimes when it comes to eating, but you need to make sure that they are eating healthy. Give them veggies and proteins and other healthy stuff that can keep them fit and active. But eating the same things every day or every week can bore them. Offer them junk food at times, but not too much. And at other times, spice up your meal routine by changing a few items or the dish. Try out new healthy recipes that consist all that your kids like. You never know, they might even easily fall into the habit of healthy eating!

Let Your Kids Feel Their Feelings

Many a time, as a parent we might cut off our kids midway by saying, “It’s okay,” “Don’t worry,” “Let’s try something else,” when they try to say to us that they are down due to some reason. Doing that can hinder the emotional growth of a child. Kids are allowed to have bad days too, you know, just like we do? When they have these bad days, don’t stop them from feeling what they are feeling. Rather, try to cheer them up or be an understanding parent. This way you will be looking after their emotional health too and that is also very important for a child to stay fit and healthy.

Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?
Why Should You Encourage Your Children To Stay Healthy And How?

Check On Their Sleep Routine

Getting ample sleep is extremely important for a child and an adult both. But given the naughty minds of the kids, they often tend to sneak around the house at night. So, make sure that your child gets enough sleep and has relaxed enough to be fresh and energetic for another sunny, rainy or wintry day.

Wrapping Up

As a parent ensuring that your kids stay healthy can seem to be a daunting job. But, it is only by looking into a few simple and easy things can you maintain this. So, make sure to maintain and regularly look into all the things that we’ve mentioned above to make sure that your kid has a happy and healthy life.

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