What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?

What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?

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Education, very importantly secondary education plays a major and fundamental part in any child’s life. It plays a complex role in shaping the child as a person and also in shaping his or her career. It is the time when they are exposed to the outside world and start making decisions on their own. Thus, proper secondary education is extremely necessary for any and every child. Many children also sometimes quit their secondary education to pursue a job and support their families. Well, it might be absolutely necessary for a few to do so, but it is always advisable to carry on your secondary education side by side. So, how exactly is attending a secondary school important? Let us find out.

Importance Of Secondary School And Secondary Education

Secondary schools are a important part of a child’s life, especially for girls. In a world where patriarchy can be seen and felt in almost every step that one takes, secondary schools serve as a means to empower young girls. It also helps in raising a person’s economic status, and helps in reducing infant mortality rates. In the olden days, we saw all of these not because people believed in it, but because they weren’t properly educated.

What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?
What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?

Here are ten proven facts that show how secondary schools are important and what would a lack of secondary education cause.

Education Received In Secondary School Can Help Reduce Child Marriage

Child marriage is one of the most common things that we have seen happening in the olden days. Be it young boys and especially young girls, marriage befell upon them quite early. Rather, so early that it led to many ruined lives and even death. Especially in countries like India, child marriage was even considered to be the normal way for getting a child married.

But is that the correct way? Not at all.

Many studies prove that proper education can reduce up to 64% of child marriage rates. And that it is especially important for a girl child to be properly educated about this. The reduction in child marriage rates will also decrease early pregnancy rates by 59%. Thus not only will many lives be saved, but also the overtly populated earth will be a tad bit relieved.

Under-Five Mortality Rates Will Drop By A Great Percentage

Infant mortality rates are always pretty high all around the world. We have found out from multiple studies conducted across multiple corners of the world that there are around 226 million children who do not get a chance to attend high school. If we all can work together and drop this number, the world will surely be a better place. And the present and current generation will get a better life.

How so?

Women or men who are properly educated will know what to do in which situation. They will know which decision is correct in comparison to the children who are uneducated or inappropriately educated. This will help them take better care of their families, raise their children better and give them a better live. All of this together will lead to a significant reduction of infant mortality rates.

Secondary Education Can Increase A Person’s Earnings

What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?
What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?

While some children aren’t properly educated, some others are. Now it is basic knowledge that the person with more knowledge and better skills will get the better position at any company. And will thus have a higher pay scale. While, on the other hand, someone who does not have enough knowledge or skills will get the lower positions and a lower salary.

We are not discriminating among any any job role, but the truth is, the better position you hold, the better you get paid.

Thus, attending secondary school can not only increase one’s knowledge about things, but will also help to decrease poverty. It helps in building the economic state of a country thus leading it towards prosperity and success.

A Child’s Relation With Secondary School Can Directly Affect The GDP

Well, that might be a bold statement to make, but it is undoubtedly true. With proper secondary education the children of the present and the future can build a better world for themselves. In just 40 years, the Growth Domestic Product, a.k.a., GDP of a country will increase by 23%. How? By giving equal access to secondary education to children of all societies irrelevant of their gender. This equal access to education holds the power to take a country towards an unmatched success. And currently, many countries in the world are largely missing out on this front.

The Taxes We Pay Will Finally Find A Proper Use

All the citizens of all the countries around the globe pay taxes. While many people are satisfied with how the government uses this, many people aren’t. Many countries use these taxes for the improvement of the living conditions, while in many places, it just vanishes.

Now, not all parents are able to pay the school fees of their children. And in secondary schools, the fees in undoubtedly high. According to multiple surveys, a country needs $39 billion every year to send all its students to schools every day. If any country decides to pay for its students, the taxes their people have paid will finally see its best use in years and for years to come!

Attending Secondary School Means A Significant Reduction In Child Labor

What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?
What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?

Child labor is another common thing that we can see in many countries across the globe. Why do children opt for lower paid jobs over receiving education? Is it their need for money? Is it the pressure of their parents? Or maybe because they are afraid that they will be bullied? Is it because they are not interested in receiving education? Or is it because they haven’t received the proper education?

Yes, there are chances of the first few questions to be the truth. But most people will agree that it is due to a lack of proper education. So, is it not our duty to give them the proper education? Or at least give them a chance to decide on their own?

Education is a birth right of all human beings. And child labor is a crime. Do you not think that it is high time to put a stop to this and give all children the education they deserve? After all, the future of the world rests in their hands. If they are not properly educated, how can we hope that the world will get better in the times to come?

Secondary School Gives A Child A Chance To Know The World Better

The world is a harsh place to survive in. The ones who are already facing this know the reality know this. But the children don’t. Right from their birth, children are kept under the loving care of their parents. While primary schools impart the basic education, it is only in a secondary school where the basics are taken a notch higher and the children are put to test.

When someone skips secondary school, they not only miss out on a great deal of knowledge but they also miss out on a comparatively smoother transition. This smoothness can highly affect one’s view of the world and the people living in it. Besides, secondary school also prepares a child to go out there and face the world. When you know the world better, you can definitely survive better. Thus, secondary school is definitely very important in the growing up of a child.

Present Scenario Of Secondary Education

Even in the present world, there are many children who are devoid of secondary education. While girls are not at all sent to attend their secondary school, the boys tend to repeat their grades and finally drop out. Such is the pathetic condition of secondary education. This might be due to various restrictions in the country or maybe in their homes. The girls might be forced to get married early while the boys might be forced to start earning for their family. But, this should not be the scenario at all. The governments of all the countries in the world should make it necessary for every child to attend secondary school and ensure that the children get proper education.

What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?
What Is The Importance Of Secondary School And Education For A Child?

Final Words

Secondary education is extremely important in every child’s life and it should not be missed. No matter whatever the scenario is, as a parent it is your duty to send your child to a secondary school and give them proper education. This will make your child’s life better and easier. At the same time, the governments should also help and encourage the parents to give their children proper secondary education. This will make their country and the world a better place.

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