The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student's Life - How Important Is It?

The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student’s Life – How Important Is It?

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We have all heard a lot about self-motivation. Having this one particular thing helps us in doing this and that, leads to achieving this and that and what not. But what exactly is self-motivation? While the meaning of it is quite simple and evident from the word itself, many people, especially students, fail to understand this.

In simple terms, self-motivation means the force, the wish, the desire, that drives us to do things – whether it is to do something we have always wanted to do or achieve or, in the case of students, to study and perform better in their education life.

However, as easily as we might have explained this, self-motivation isn’t that easy at all. It is indeed complicated and thus, gives us a justified reason in failing to achieve this. Motivation, as we know it, never comes when we are in need of it the most. It is notoriously known to come to us, and especially to students, at odd hours, like when we are sleeping, eating, bathing, etc.

In life, there are many things that can motivate us. These things can be internal or external.

Wait, what does that mean?

It means, you can either get your self-motivation from within yourself. For example, a sudden urge to read up everything in your syllabus in just one night (this never happens though). Or the motivation can be driven by an external force. For example, your teacher inspiring you to do something great, your friends teasing you telling you cannot achieve something, and so on.

The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student's Life - How Important Is It?
The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student’s Life – How Important Is It?

Although we call it ‘self-motivation,’ it is not necessary that it always has to come from within yourself. If you see in a generic way, motivation is very often the result of multiple factors working together and driving you towards something.

What Are The Different Elements Of Self-Motivation?

Motivation makes us feel fulfilled and also improves our overall quality of life. Understanding and developing this one thing helps students to perform much better in their academics. Besides this, it also allows students as well as adults to have better control over multiple aspects of their lives.

This one thing is also highly related to emotional intelligence. As a youngster, students are prone to get carried away by quite a few many things in their lives. But if you have enough motivation, you can stay put and can excel in quite many things.

It is also important to know that there are quite a few things that make up motivation. Daniel Goleman has stated this several times in his seminal books on emotional intelligence.

So, what are these different elements? Let us find out.

The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student's Life - How Important Is It?
The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student’s Life – How Important Is It?

Personal Desire To Achieve Something

Trust me, there is no greater motivation than one’s personal desire to achieve something. If you are crazy enough for it, you will surely push all boundaries to achieve what you want. So, if you ever feel de-motivated, the best way to bring up the hidden desire is to think of all the reasons that made you want to achieve this in the first place.


Another important pillar of self-motivation is commitment. If you are not committed enough, you will never feel the urge to do that thing. So, it is very important that you first work on your commitment skills. Once you have enough of them, you should start working on self-motivation. And these two when paired together, can be the most amazing duo to improve your life.


In simple terminology, initiative stands for your readiness to act on something immediately. You don’t wait, you do not take too much time to think it out, you do not laze away your days until the last moment. When you get to know something, you act upon it immediately. When you’ve grown this habit, you can be very sure that you are not missing out on anything and that you are automatically one step ahead of your competitors.

Being Optimistic Towards Every Big And Small Thing

Setbacks are a part and parcel of everyone’s lives. There is no one who hasn’t faced a setback. There is no one who hasn’t failed to do something he or she wanted to do. Yes, you might say that the first boy in your class uselessly stays dissatisfied with his marks. But how do you know that is what he wanted? Levels are imperative. They change. They are never the same for every person. So, you are not the only one facing the down side. What is more important is how you handle this setback and how you emerge out of it. You can also call this resilience. In other words, the power to not let bad things affect you extemely.

What Is The Importance Of Having Self-Motivation For All Children?

Self-motivation paves the way for your future goals to be achieved. It clears your view, and clears out your perspective. This one unique thing also helps you decide for yourself what choices are good and choosing what can bring you down. It is a very essential skill and it is very important for every person to have it to achieve something in life. In other and simpler words, self-motivation helps to turn your dreams into reality.

All this being said, there are also quite a few other reasons that make it necessary for every person to be self-motivated. What are these? Let us find out.

The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student's Life - How Important Is It?
The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student’s Life – How Important Is It?

Motivation Helps You Have A Clear Goal In Your Life

Having a clear goal is very important in a students’ life. Right from a tender age, a child must know who you want to be or rather where you want to be when you grow up. Why? This is so because it helps you chalk out a path for yourself. You do not need to stand midway and decide which way you want to go. Thus, neither will you be lagging behind nor will you be taking any wrong decisions in your life, mostly.

You can research upon what you need to do to achieve what you want and you can walk on the path to achieve it. But again, that does not mean that you will not face any setbacks in your life. They come unannounced. But if you have a rough idea of what you’re going to get in the future, you can be prepared for the setbacks too. That way neither will you be wasting time, nor will you be drooling over why the things happened. You will be brave enough to accept all of it and move forward in life braver than ever.

Self-Motivation Helps You Push The Boundaries And Achieve Something Greater And Better

Now that so many people have worked the surface of the Earth for so many years, it is a given that these men have set boundaries for almost all things. But, in order to stand out from the crow, in order to prove yourself better than the others, you need to push these boundaries. As a student, not only must you have faith in yourself that you can achieve what the teachers tell you to, but also achieve something better than that.

‘What better?’ might be the question running on your mind right now. But, I cannot tell you that. There are many related definitions of ‘better’ and they vary from person to person. For someone who hardly passes his exams, better might be scoring above average. On the other hand, who always scores the highest in the class, better might be obtaining a full score.

But this better is not only related to your school life. When you enter high-school, college, higher studies or even your job, you will see the definition of better changing for you. So, when you motivate yourself right from your childhood to reach the better position, you will definitely find it easier to achieve it when you grow up and the situations grow tougher.

Self-Motivation Teaches You Perseverance

As mentioned above, one of the main elements of self-motivation is commitment. When you are committed to something, you stick to it. No matter how hard the situation gets, no matter how bad you want to give up, your commitment makes you stick to your goals. Yes, just like you’ve seen in the movies. No, it is not only limited to the reel world.

The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student's Life - How Important Is It?
The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student’s Life – How Important Is It?

How else do you think Jeff Bezos reached such a high position in life? By perseverance. By sticking to his goals. He worked day and night to build Amazon and now his commitment and perseverance has paid him well indeed.

Did you know, before Thomas Alpha Edison invented the light bulb, he failed multiple times? He did not succeed at making such a wonderful thing just at one go. But when asked about his failure, he was humble enough to tell, “I have not failed but found 10,000 other ways that don’t work.”

That is what perseverance and commitment gives you. Success. You must teach yourself how to stay committed at what you are doing. Only then can you reach the highest rung of the ladder. And if you excel in this one thing at a tender age, there is nothing stopping you from acing whatever challenge life throws at you.

Self-Motivation Teaches You To Compete With Your Own Self

Yes, it is good to set some goals for yourself. It is also good to set these goals with respect to what some other person has achieved. But it is even better to compete with yourself in breaking those goals. Let me make it easy for you.

Let us say, you have decided to complete one chapter a day properly right before your exams. Why not push yourself to complete two chapters a day. When you have done that, why not push yourself to read up three chapters a day? That is what we mean by competing with your own self.

Self-motivation motivates you to work on yourself and out do yourself every passing day. That is the truest and also the sincerest way of becoming better every passing day. In the end, it is only by being better than what you were yesterday can you set yourself up for what you will be tomorrow. And that, my friend, is the secret or maybe not so secret weapon of achieving success.

How Can You Develop Self-Motivation Skills?

Here are a few tried and tested ways of developing your self-motivation skills.

The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student's Life - How Important Is It?
The Importance Of Self-Motivation In A Student’s Life – How Important Is It?
  • Start with thinking positively. Try to stay positive at each step of your life. Yes, things might get difficult, but even then, do not lose your positivity. Do not let the situation get the better of you by taking away your positive outlook.
  • Determine proper goals for yourself. By now, you already know the importance of this and how this works. So, start chalking out a plan and try to stick to it.
  • Work hard to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Things might get a bit messy, it might seem that achieving the specified goal is very tough, but give it your best and stick to it.
  • Every mistake you make is a new training for you. Learn from the things you did wrong. Try not to repeat them again. Look for better and proper ways of achieving what you want. You are sure to reach your goal.

Wrapping Up

Everyone faces challenges and difficulties in their lives. But as someone who is living the life, it is our responsibility to overcome them and emerge victoriously. We have been given brains to think, put them to proper use. Whenever you feel stuck, look back and think why you started doing what you are doing in the first place. There can be no better motivator than that. And that is where your self-motivation to come from. I agree, it is easier said than being done, but no one ever reached success by walking on the easy path. Did they?

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