Online Education - Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?

Online Education – Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?

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In the last 20 years, the internet has completely changed our lives, hasn’t it? From being a non-existent or negligible thing, it has somehow turned into the most important thing in today’s world. The change is surely commendable! While some people might say that the emergence of internet usage has changed the world for the worse, there is a larger group of people who would disagree. The arrival of internet has changed the way we work, talk, shop and even receive education. Yes, online learning is actually a big deal now. Especially given the pandemic making the world topsy turvy, online education is now seeing its fair share of use in all households.

So what is online education? It is a form of learning where students sit in front of a computer or laptop screen instead of blackboards and gain knowledge. And online education would have been absolutely impossible without the internet coming for our rescue. It is actually beneficial for many students who are all grown up and want to pursue their studies along with their careers. Many working men and women have found solace in this virtual medium since it helps them to increase their knowledge and earn their livelihoods at the same time. Many people have also earned their graduation degrees through this digital form of education and have changed their lives for the better.

What Are The Different Forms Of Online Education?

Most people might know this, but there are actually four different forms of online education. These are 100% Online Education, Hybrid Education, Online Course and MOOC. Let us learn about these four types in depth.

Online Education - Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?
Online Education – Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?

100% Online Education

This is the form of digital education where one earns a degree by studying everything through the virtual medium. In such cases, students also appear for their examinations online. One does not at all need to make timely campus visits to collect their curriculum or reading materials. All of it is sent to them via the internet and they can do it all in the comfort of their homes.

Hybrid Education

Hybrid education is a unique combination of online and on-campus course. Here students are sent their reading material virtually. But you need to collect the other required things from the office on campus. Besides this, the students also appear for their examinations in the designated examination center to earn their degree.

Online Courses

In this form of education you do not earn a degree virtually. All you can do is improve your knowledge, sharpen your skills and get a certificate for the same. People who are already working in some field and look to earn a better career for themselves opt for this form of education. Plus, given the ample amount of time the lockdown has given us, many people are also using it to take up online courses and add another point to their resumes.


MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses are also quite popular nowadays. These courses are delivered to students in the form of online classes. Here each classroom has as many as 10,000 people and it is up to you what all you can gather from the time period.

The Rise Of Online Education

The current situation is throwing a lot of challenges towards the traditional modes of education, i.e., schools, colleges, universities and the likes. This has also thrown the tuition business into a hole. Budget cuts, course shortages, higher fees amounts – all of these have led the parents to consider other modes of education. With the aim of giving the children a proper education while also keeping them safe, many schools have also taken to online education. Apart from this, many tuition teachers, special classes and others have also now gone online.

Online Education - Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?
Online Education – Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?

All of this means that ranging from school students to professionals, everyone is now dependent on the virtual medium, now more than ever.

Again, many people are of the belief that the online mode is here to stay, while some others think that this is just for the time being. Whether permanent or temporary all we can say that this is our only hope right now. The institutions are also working hard to better their services. Be it more attention to detail or fluent and consistent classes, things are continually improving.


Variety Of Courses To Choose From

The online medium surely has a lot to offer to everyone seeking help. Whether someone wants to study neuroscience or culinary, you can get it all over here. No more lagging behind to attend the four-year long traditional university courses. You can get anything and everything right in your home. What’s more? By attending certified programs, you can now also earn a certificate or a degree that will help you go a long way.

Reasonable And Pocket-Friendly Expense

Unlike the traditional modes of education, the virtual courses do not cost you a lot of money. Besides this, you can also cut down on the extra cost of public or personal transport, textbook expenses, other course materials and the likes. This is a big plus point for people who cannot afford to register their children in the universities with a higher fee structure. Now, every body can get the education they deserve to get and won’t be lagging behind than anyone.

Online Education - Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?
Online Education – Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?

Comfortable Learning Environment

Colleges and schools and universities have been known for bullying and ragging. Not everyone feels as safe inside a college like the other person does. Besides, all the traveling and the panic of reaching to a place in time often takes a student’s mind off of their studies. Especially if he or she is young. But with online learning, you can now be sure that your child is safely studying at home with no one or nothing to cause them any harm. You can attend your morning classes in your pajamas and no one even cares! No physical class sessions are now required to earn a reputable degree.

Highly Convenient And 100% Flexible

What is the first and foremost thing you have to plan when you register your name in a university? You need to plan the other tasks of your day according to whatever time is left off after attending classes. And that is a great inconvenience for many people especially during emergencies. It means you can either attend your classes or your work? But how would it be if it was the other way round? Yes! Online classes give you exactly that pleasure. You can now manage your household chores or your office work, put your baby to sleep and then attend the class. Most of them are pre-recorded and are sent to you on payment. So, sign up for a class now and watch the proceedings of it at your feasible time!

Better Chance Of Interaction And More Concentration

Online education has proven to be extremely helpful for students who are shy. Among all the college goers, there are many students who shy away from asking questions or presenting their thoughts in class. But behind the computer screen they can do it all at ease. Besides, all the noise, traveling and various activities of other students present in the class many a times take away the concentration. But, when you are studying online, you are much more careful. This is so because if by any chance you miss out anything due to lack of concentration, you will know that you do not have a professor to instantly run to. All of these reasons are a great contributor to online studies being better than traditional education.

Online Education - Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?
Online Education – Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?

Helps To Continue With Your Profession Or Other Jobs

Traditional universities do not offer you the chance to continue both – your studies and jobs at the same time. Most of the times you need to drop either because of the other. But with the advancements of the modern world, you can now do both easily. This is also highly helpful since experience is equally important as knowledge. So, when after completing your degree course you step out to face the real world, you are more prepared than others. It is also helpful to mark yourself better than others and gives you an opportunity to earn a better career and thus a better future.

Cuts Out The Hassle Of Commuting

What do you do when it is raining heavily outside or it is so hot that you might fall sick? You tend to skip out on university and thus end up missing your classes. But with online classes, there is no such problem and you can now study better without missing out on anything. Many students also find it useful to save up on the fuel costs and other substantial expenses that might lead them to other problems. Plus, being at your home also ensures that you are comparatively more safe than when you are traveling places.

Improves Your Technical Skills

Attending regular online classes includes using a computer or a laptop on a daily basis. As a result, you end up improving your technical skills and in the end you not only learn from your online course but also get better at using the internet and the computer. You also learn to navigate multiple Learning Management Systems, also known as LMS programmes. It also includes to have the knowledge of quite a few languages, creating and sharing documents, completing presentations and the likes. In the end, you end up improving many other skills and not just one.

Online Education - Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?
Online Education – Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?

Proper Documentation

Proper documentation is an important step to succeeding in your career. Whether it is your studies or your job, you need to store everything properly so that you can access any thing you want, any time you want. When you are learning online, all of the study material is stored in one safe place and are made in a way that they get automatically organized. So, when you need to access anything or when your exams are coming up, you do not need to go searching for your notes.

Gives You Access To Many Expert Courses

Online education gives you a chance to gain access to many such courses which are otherwise not available in traditional places. Whether you are learning it just to satisfy your knowledge thirst, or you are looking to add a star point to your resume, these courses are sure to set you apart from the others out there. It also helps you attend classes that are happening at a geographical location that is inaccessible to you. Thus, overall, you are benefiting better than others.


While online education is surely beneficial, it also has its disadvantages. Here are a few.

Limited Feedback

In traditional classrooms, students can get a direct face-to-face feedback instantly. If you are facing any problem in your curriculum, you can get it solved at hand immediately. But, when you are attending an online class, you either won’t have access to an actual teacher or if you even get one, you won’t get a proper chance to get your problems solved. In this case, it is also to be noted that a personal feedback is extremely important when you are studying. It helps you get better at what you are doing and helps you prosper better. Unfortunately, online classes do not offer you that freedom.

Leads To Social Isolation

Online learning leads to contemplation, remoteness and lack of interaction. This is a setback for many students, especially when they are not much accustomed to facing the outside world. It causing a form of social isolation and also leads to heightened stress, excessive anxiety and breeds negative thoughts. This might lead to depression and can turn things for the worse.

Online Education - Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?
Online Education – Is It Beneficial For The Students Of The Present Times?

More Focus On Theory, Less Focus On Practical

For gathering proper knowledge on any subject, theory as well as practical lessons are important for one to prosper. If you do not get to implement your theoretical skills in the practical areas, what use is your knowledge ultimately? Thus, you are automatically missing out on a great deal there.

Final Word

While online classes are surely advantageous, they come with their disadvantages also. As the saying goes, every coin has two sides, and such is the case for online education too. Also, it is not easy for online institutions to be a great as brick-and-mortar institutions. You need to provide that security, ease of access to information and also the smooth flow of processes. While many online universities team up with traditional institutions to ensure that the students get all they need, some others try their best to do it on their own. But given these tumultous times, if you are planning to freshen up your skills, online education is surely the best way to do so.

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