How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?

How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?

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Have tests coming up? In some cases, the weight you feel can help keep you engaged. And on some occasions, it can cause pressure and harm your concentration. Look at these easy breezy tips to assist you with adapting to exam stress and make the most out of your study sessions.

What Does Exam Stress Look Like?

A few indications of excessive exam stress include:

Feeling Confounded

Yes, we have all been there and faced that. Exam stress can even make you feel choked on absolutely the smallest of things. Any one thing happening in a different manner than it should can add to your stress and you might end up worrying even more. So, if you are facing this, trust us, you are not the only one aware of the situation.

Distancing Yourself From Your Friends

We get it. You are already in a tough spot. And your friends are not understanding what you are going through. Plus, you don’t want to ridicule yourself in front of them. So, it is highly common for you to distance yourself from your friends. It can happen to you. It can happen to your best friend. And to absolutely anyone you know.

How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?

Feeling Grumpy And Low

This is nothing but a result of all the things you are dealing with at the moment. When you are in a lot of stress, it is normal for you to feel grumpy and low. Almost nothing can lift your mood and you even feel sleepy at times. So, when you have exams knocking on your door, do try some relaxing activities like meditation that can ease you and calm you down. It is very important.

Experiencing Difficulty Deciding

Another common thing that all students face is difficulty in deciding. You can’t decide what to study and what to quit. You also cannot decide what to study first. This, in turn, results in you messing up your exams and that is something we don’t want at all, right? So, it is always better to make a timetable that you can strictly follow when your exams are nearing.

Feeling Overpowered

This is another thing we’ve all experienced. To be honest, exams can be so much overwhelming for some people that they lose track of almost everything happening around them. And it is even worse for some students. So, if you are experiencing the same, don’t lose confidence in yourself. If you study well enough, there’s no one that can stop you from scoring great marks.

How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?

Absence Of Inspiration To Do Anything

This is a result of your grumpy mood. You don’t like getting up. You don’t like studying. Even more, you might feel reluctant to go out and meet your friends. And at this point, if someone tells you to go and get them a glass of water, you might not even feel like telling them a big fat ‘no.’ But whatever it is, you should never let this get the better of you. Never. This can have an adverse effect on your results and be the one black mark in your CV.

Trouble Sleeping Or Getting Up

Now, you might be wondering about what we just said above – that you might feel sleepy all through the day. But that does not necessarily mean that you can sleep peacefully at night, does it? Sleeping issues aren’t a stranger even in normal times to many students or grown-ups and they can especially grow when you are under lots of stress. So, never let the stress get the better of you. It can end up ruining your schedule and you, on the other hand, can end up performing miserably in your exams.

Tensed Muscles Or Severe Headache

Both of these are a common side effect of dealing with stress. And if you are worrying that since you are a student, this should not be happening to you, it can grow even more owing to all that worrying. The more relaxed you are, the sooner and better you can get rid of exam stress. Plus, if you become a friend to these things, they are not going to leave you so easily. So, always make sure never to be overloaded with stress.

Having An Upset Stomach Or Feeling Sick

Trust us, even all grown-ups face this when they are about to face something big or something important that can change their lives. No matter how prepared you are, no matter how many tests you appear for or even how many test papers you solve at home, feeling sick in the stomach is a very common thing that is a stranger to nobody on this planet.

For What Reasons Do Students Experience Exam Stress?

How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
  • Stress that they might fail
  • Extreme pressure of trying to do really better than what they have done earlier or generally do
  • Out of the feeling that they aren’t prepared well enough
  • Feeling like or actually not having enough time to study or cover up all the subjects
  • Wanting to get a very specific and high outcome
  • Thinking that they won’t do well in the exams
  • Finding it hard to understand what they are studying
  • Excessive family pressure to perform exceedingly well in the exams
  • The feeling of having to meet other people’s expectations
  • Having different and stressful things going on in their lives

Preparing To Study, Score The Best While Avoiding Exam Stress

It’s never past the point where it is possible to set up great study habits that can give you the best results. Here are some useful tips that might help you out:

How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
  • Locate a quiet spot in your room or your home where no one will disturb you while you are studying and your concentration won’t be hampered in any means.
  • Set-up your study space in a clean and well-planned manner. Ensure it’s not very jumbled and has all that you may require. You might also consider maintaining it and cleaning the space up after your study session. This will help you save you from wasting time when you are actually planning on studying.
  • Try and find out as much as possible about the exam so you can plan accordingly. A poor plan can hamper you in quite a lot of unimaginable ways and you don’t want that happening at all on your exam day.
  • If you feel that you don’t know about a lesson or are unsure of what will come in your test, don’t wait for a day or the exam day. Ask your teacher right away and clear yourself of all doubts.
  • Figure out how to make ‘mind maps’ and use them to gather thoughts and ideas. Utilize bright colours to help recollect significant links.
  • Make an arrangement of what you need to read or learn during study sessions. Separate it into little assignments and work on one task at a time.
  • Take regular short breaks – utilize this opportunity to have a drink, grab a bite or play with your pet.
  • Request help – If you’re experiencing difficulty with something you’re studying ask a teacher, friend, relative or your parent to help.

Tips To Help While Studying And Avoid Exam Stress

If you need some help or some easy methods to help you while studying, we’ve got some great ones for you! Try these.

How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
  • Adhere to a regular schedule by eating and sleeping at around a similar time every day. This helps your body acclimatize to your schedule and thus you can be active during the time you are studying without feeling sleepy or lazy or the likes. This also gives you a great result while you are sitting in front of your desk and trying to make the most out of it.
  • Get a decent night’s rest. This gives your mind time to revive and recollect what you’ve realized. And this is not just for a few weeks before your exams. Make this a regular habit. Sleep is absolutely essential for everybody and it makes your body fresher than ever. So, sleep for an adequate amount of time every day and keep yourself healthy.
  • Give yourself mini rewards once you accomplish your examination goals. What do we mean by mini rewards? Watch a TV show, have a one hour break, skip one Sunday from studying, grab a bar of chocolate, gossip with your friends or go for a run
  • Keep zeroed in on your examination – don’t let other stuff like friendship issues occupy you. Of course, your relationship with your friends are important, But they are not more important than your education or for that matter, your career, are they? No! So, when you have exams coming up, remember to keep your friendship problems at bay and concentrate more on your studies.
  • Dodge all the junk food – it will bring an abrupt burst of energy and afterwards fall away rapidly thus leaving you feeling tired, nauseatic and even stressed out at times. So, during these exam days and on the days before, make sure you grab all the healthy things that are there in the kitchen. Plus, your regular morning take-outs are also a big ‘no-no!’
  • Eat a well-balanced diet – lots of new fresh fruits, vegetables, oats, grains, nuts and protein are altogether useful for the brain and also for your energy levels.
  • Allow yourself an opportunity to rest – consider some unwinding exercises like deep breathing, meditation or tuning in to music. You can even take a short nap if that relaxes you!
  • Cut back on caffeinated drinks. They can hype you up unnecessarily. Drink gallons of water and keep your body clean and healthy!

“Sometimes people keep anxiety a secret because it’s hard to talk about, they don’t want to be a ‘burden’ or seem weak. But when it comes to anxiety, ‘name to tame’ it. Talking about it and having support helps a lot.”

Tips To Deal With Exam Stress On Your Exam Day

Here are a few hints to help your exam day go easily:

How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
How To Deal With Exam Stress In The Easiest Possible Way?
  • Figure out what you have to take with you on the exam day and definitely sort out this the night before.
  • Eat a decent, light breakfast – this will help with energy and focus.
  • Go to the washroom before the test begins.
  • In the event that you feel yourself getting stressed before your test – invest some energy zeroing in on your relaxing.
  • At the point when you sit down to write your test, set aside an effort to slow your breathing and unwind.
  • Go through the test paper cautiously. Underline watchwords and directions.
  • Work out how long you have for each question or segment.
  • Figure out to have the opportunity to re-read answers through and to roll out any improvements.
  • Work on the questions that you find most effortless first.

“Remember passing an exam is only part of the story. There’s always a second chance or another way to reach your goals”

If you are feeling stressed out about exams, always remember that you are not alone. Most of your other classmates are facing it while you are facing it, your parents are sure to have faced it while they were students and the same for your relatives. It is very common to have exam stress and finding it difficult to deal with it. But, if you find the stress overpowering you, do talk to somebody, especially your elders. They can surely help you out and calm you down.

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