We Capabilities of Each Individual


Learnsible 了了 is a Singapore 🇸🇬 edutech startup established in 2019, which aims to be a learning platform for young individuals to unlock, enhance, build and accelerate learning capabilities. Everyone is Special.

We have a vision to assist children to learn with ease in the current 21st century. Learnsible means “able to learn”, 了了 means “know clearly”.
Our learning belief:
Enjoy as You Learn, Reason as You Love. 小时候了了者, 至大亦能通晓事理。

We aspire to have core values in CLASS learning within our company, being:
C- Courage
L- Love
A- Authentic
S- Stewardship
S- Significance.
We hope to be a company called into Courage and Love, be Authentic in our Stewardship and making Significance in the children’s life.


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